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Central banks are printing money. Rating agencies put pressure on governments. Governments negotiate bailout packages. And most of the people are puzzled over the questions what all this means for our country? What does it mean for me? What can I do? It’s a journalist’s job to answer this kind of questions. It’s my job. Since 2001 I am working as a journalist and editor at the German Sunday newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” and the daily “Die Welt”. I am covering any topic related to financial markets, in articles, reports and interviews. I am specialized on topics like currencies and the Euro crisis, emerging markets and China, stock markets and general financial topics. Besides I am regularly apperaring as an expert for these topics on TV, in the radio or at public events of any kind. I started my carreer in 2000. At that time a financial editor was the big star at every party. It was the time of the dot-com-bubble and everybody wanted some hint about hot picks. The dot-com-bubble burst long time ago. But the financial markets are more exciting and more important than ever before. That‘s what I am trying to pass to the public. Besides I have published several books. Read more about this on the following pages.

You see: It’s the economy - exciting!

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23rd of November 2015 Appeareance as an expert at the media section of the Business Wire Future Convention +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 18th of November 2015, 7.05 pm Appearance in the TV programme  “Galileo” (ProSieben), topic: banknotes +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 12th of November 2015 Nominated for the State Street journalists award +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 26th of February 2014 What is your plan, Germany? Discussion at the Danish- German Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 25th of February 2014 Germany Economic Policy and its relevance for Europe Presentation and discussion at Copenhagen Business School +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Short Video Tutorial: How to pronounce Chinese names correctly +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 25th of March 2013 Interview on German radio station hr 1 about deal on Cyprus +++++++++++++++++++++++++ November 2012 Nominated for the Georg von Holtzbrinck Award of Economic Journalism +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sept. 28th.2012 3rd Prize at the PSD-Award of Journalism The awarded article: Gebt mir den Markt zurück! +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sept. 20th 2012 Winner of the German Award of Journalism (DJP) The awarded article: Enttäuscht, entrechtet, enteignet +++++++++++++++++++++++++ June 20th 2012 Appearance on TV „log in“ on ZDF Info Followed by: chat online